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Have you been trying without success to manifest your desires using cookie-cutter affirmations or meaningless manifesting rituals, only to feel like a failure and give up in frustration?

Has the secret to creating abundance eluded you? And the harder you've tried, the less you seem to attract?

You have a secret superpower. It’s THE most powerful force in the universe and it will create effortless abundance in your life.

It's a powerful force of magnetic attraction because it corresponds with a higher level of consciousness, helping you manifest your dreams with ease and grace because it IS the frequency of abundance.

It's JOY.

Joy is a vibrational flow that feels like incredible vitality, happiness, inspiration and deep peace and it activates your natural manifestation abilities.

You amplify your ability to create better health, more money, love, new opportunities and a life lived on purpose when you reach this higher level of consciousness.

The problem is just feeling Joy is not enough. It needs be your default state of BEING.

You will not create the abundance you long for if you are in a state of worry, anxiety or frustration. It’s a frustrating conundrum that few have solved… you want abundance, but in the heart of “want” lies the seed of lack, and the result is you get less of what you want in your life.

I know, I’ve been there too. You’re not alone in your frustration.

You are meant to live an abundant life.

The universe is never in a state of lack and you aren’t meant to be either. The effortless flow of abundance of love, money, creativity and vitality is your natural state.

But when things have stalled, it can be hard to work out how to switch that natural energy flow back on.

You've probably tried activating it by repeating a thousand affirmations or clearing your karma. Maybe you've tried wearing your abundance crystals or even cleared your past lives to help restart the flow.

But you just can't seem to slip into the easy flow of creative abundance you know is real.

What I have discovered is when you embody the fullness of Joy you activate the Universal Law of Reciprocity and naturally attract more of what you want because you simply ARE the loving, giving and healing river of abundance, and you automatically receive the same flow in return.

What holds most people back is their ability to BE joy on a daily basis, with ease.

The only way to naturally vibrate with Joy is to align and activate your 3 Joy Centres: Mindset, Heartset and Soulset, so your energy system is wired for abundance.

When I learned how to create this alignment I began attracting all the things I had desired for so long. I magnetised a new relationship that gave me the gift of a baby at age 41, a new home and I started a successful new business. Everything we needed seemed to manifest with ease.

When you unleash the abundant power of joy you activate an expansive attractor field for love, prosperity, wellness and success.

Hi, I'm Jenny McFadden, Life Direction Coach, Author, Teacher, Artist and Soul Purpose Specialist.

I've created a proven abundance formula called The Art of Joy to raise your level of consciousness to the frequency to joy, so you can live a life of natural abundance.

Because I know what it's like to struggle to find the joy that creates abundance.

I've suffered with depression, had a life changing health crisis, lost a marriage, conquered a dieting disorder, abandoned my original vocation and rebuilt my life from scratch.

In hindsight I can see that my difficult experiences occurred because I wasn't listening to my inner voice and I felt frustrated, alone and scared. Definitely not a joyful state of being.

In my search for understanding I became a Coach, Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner with many modalities and taught Intuition, Qigong, Creative art and Inner Control Psychology to individuals, groups and professionals.

I now have the privilege of working with truly amazing women, and have a waiting list of clients.

I want to share with you how to unlock your natural state of abundance. The solution to creating the life you want is inside you and I want to give you the keys to creating your abundant reality.

An Abundance Empowerment Program

The Art of Joy contains 6 full length on-demand video Masterclasses that will empower you to embody Joy and unleash your natural abundance.

The first is Masterclass is 90 minutes and the remainder are 60 minutes. They are in depth, how-to Masterclasses packed full of insights, practical strategies and unique processes from my background in psychology, energy medicine, quantum healing and creative art.

You'll learn how to align your Mindset, Heartset and Soulset to:

  • Feel naturally happy and peaceful: Reinvent your current sabotaging mindset to one that makes you feel confident, strong and peaceful.
  • Trust your inner wisdom: Learn to connect with divine Guides and hear your intutive messages.
  • Amplify your prosperity: Realign your 7 Energy Centres to activate your abundance flow NOW
  • Create better health: As you align with joy in this course, you will naturally begin to create healing at the physical level, too.
  • Experience the pure joy of being creative: Express your soul on a page with my guided Sacred Art Masterclass.

And it's fun and it's SUPER EASY to do.

This program will provide insight and awareness, and open you up to deep trust in your intuitive gifts so you can feel unshakeable joyfulness, regardless of your circumstances.

I will give you the personal processes I developed that transformed my entire life. I've successfully used these processes with thousands of people and I want to show you how to do the same.

Let's have a quick look at whether the Art of Joy program is for you...

The Art of Joy is NOT for you if:
  • You aren't interested in the secret to creating abundance and living a fulfilled, purposeful life
  • You believe you are powerless and think "That's how I am, I can't be a successful manifestor"
  • You're not open to exploring how science and spirituality are merging to create a new understanding of the nature of how we create our own reality
The Art of Joy IS for you if:
  • You want to learn how to master your mindset so your thoughts are in alignment with creating happiness, inner peace and joy,
  • You want to be more connected to your Guides and have a step by step way to receive your intuitive messages,
  • You love being creative and your spirit is calling you to express yourself through meaningful art making,
  • Deep down you know abundance is your natural state and you're ready to claim it.

Here's what you get...


Mindset Mastery.

Reinvent and reprogram your Mindset to create alignment with abundance, peace and vitality.


Intuitive Wisdom Connection System.

How to tune in to your Inner Divine Intelligence using my practical Intuition Messagebank System.


Ultimate Guide Connection

How to receive personal messages from your Joy Guide and get personal action steps to create abundance in your life.


Abundance Realignment Process.

How to realign your energy centres using my Divine Timing Alignment System.


The Joy Factor

Identify what really brings YOU joy. Discover the surprising secrets embedded within what you say you want.


Ignite Your Creative Flow.

Step by step, create a powerful Joy Mandala which holds the energy of your intentions and activates abundant joy in you and your home.

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“I was absolutely amazed at how money was just showing up."

"My biggest worry before I joined the Art of Joy program was money. As we got into Art of Joy program, I was absolutely amazed at how money was just showing up. In a box of old papers, I found a cheque for $127 and a travel money card that had $580 on it.

And it got even better. I starting getting free lunches and parking and concert tickets and I was gifted a television that I had on my wish list for years. At the end of the program I had accumulated $5,477.17 worth of evidence!

The program gave me practical and easy ways to tune into my intuition, to release old beliefs and to connect to the joy that was already inside me.”


YOUR BONUS GIFTS (Valued at $2,597)


The Attractor Field Affirmation Generator (Valued at $500)

With my Attractor Field Affirmation Generator, you'll create your own personal affirmation that resonates at the perfect frequency for you to manifest abundance in all areas of your life with ease - money, lots of energy, love, creativity and success

Every word has a frequency and each word needs to be chosen to perfectly fit YOUR energy profile, a one-size-fits-all approach just isn't effective.

You'll create a personally tailored affirmation that is a magnetic attractor field or vortex of new energy, reversing your lack/scarcity energy spin and drawing in new possibilities.

And because every word is EXACTLY aligned with YOUR personal intention you will immediately start to manifest new opportunities, as the universe gathers its forces to support you.

"The course opened up my spirituality... and to work with the power within me"

"I signed up for the Art of Joy because I was guided to do so and just knew I had to do it. The course opened up my spirituality further and deepened my understanding of much that I was only only on the fringes of before.

As the course developed I began to touch souls with other strong and amazing women, to flower and glow even more and to recognise and begin to work with the power within me."



Healing Intention Circle (Valued at $500)

You will experience dropping in to a different level of consciousness and use your intuitive senses as we deep dive into your chakras to re-establish flow and harmony in each energy centre. This Masterclass awakens your intuitive drawing (no experience required) as a way to express self healing visually and lock it in. During the process a powerful transformational opportunity is available to you to uplift, renew and activate powerful healing in your your body, mind and spirit.

This session has received overwhelming feedback for being unlike anything you may have seen or experienced before. BYO paper and markers and your creative intentions. You are encouraged to join in the play and creative energy of this unique process.


6 x Healing and Abundance Meditations (MP3)(Valued at $600)

Each day you can easily and quickly tune in to your inner peace and happiness with this Guided series of 6 meditations as downloadable MP3’s. Each between 12-20 minutes in length.

MP3 titles include: Rainbow Light, Inner Smile, Red Sun/Silver Moon, Connect to the Universe, Peaceful Place and Wings of an Angel.

Available for your personal use on your phone, ipad or other device.


"Activate Your Joy and Abundance Using the Natural Power of Sacred Geometry" with special Guest Jason Irving

Act quickly and you'll recieve this bonus video healing session as an additional gift. (Valued at $997)

Jason Irving is a Master Healer and authority on how to use Sacred Geometry symbols to heal your body at all levels, and shift unconscious limiting patterns.

Jason shares one of his signature healing processes, an animated mandala that releases old patterns of unconscious sadness (which are the flipside to Joy).

You will be profoudly changed after participating in this sacred geometry activation healing session.

The total value of the Art of Joy program is over $3,500.


“I found new purpose and direction”

"I signed up for the Art of Joy because I was feeling stuck & lost.

The course helped me find new purpose & direction.

I reconnected with my inner being, discovered a group of soul sisters & welcomed joy back into my life."


My Guarantee

Healing and transformation is a journey. It's a journey only you can take. You are the activator and decider of your pathway.

This program is about going within, and willingly taking the journey to clear old patterns and beliefs that have been preventing you from feeling true joy so you can have abundance, inspiration and happiness flowing freely in your life.

There are often sticky times right before a breakthrough, as old patterns and emotions are being released, and your energy can take time to reconfigure. Your heart and soul knows this truth, so I encourage and support you to be kind and nurturing to yourself.

When you commit to this journey, set aside time for yourself to actively implement and be involved in The Art of Joy, you WILL transform.

You WILL get unstuck and the fear that had you running scared will not control your life anymore.

If, after you've completed the program and being in 100% integrity with having applied all of The Art of Joy content, you haven't moved towards what you want, I will give you a free 1:1 session to help you to Bridge the Gap between where you are and where you want to be in your chosen area of your life. Contact me directly at [email protected]

The Art of Joy Program is valued at $3594

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special materials?

I recommend you find a beautiful notebook in which to record your journey, keep notes and your intuitive messages.

You will also need some art materials for creating your Joy Mandala - a sketch book A4, images to use in collage, glue, pencil, eraser, ruler, coloured pencils, coloured textas or gel pens, black texta. Or any other materials you enjoy using and have at home.

How much time will I need to devote to the program?

Masterclasses are about one hour, except the first which is 90 minutes. Follow along with me and do the activities with me as you go. Afterwards you wil have some Home Play - messages from your Inner Divine Intelligence to guide you through the week - these are always practical and easy to do.

The final Masterclass is a creative art session so you will need to allow longer. Set aside time for yourself to enjoy being playful and spark your creator energy as you follow the steps to create your own personal Joy Mandala, designed to hold the energy of abundance in your home or office.

How long will I have access to the lessons?

You have Lifetime access. Watch anytime and repeat again whenever you need it.

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